Monday, July 20, 2009

love our mother earth...

Hello to all again.I’m back for my second reflection of science. This time around, me and my group members, Thanusia and Khadijah worked together to complete a 1 hour lesson plan for the first assignment. It's basically a rough idea of how we are going to conduct our 2 lessons of micro teaching in our class with our friends as our pupils. As for me, we are used to with simulated teaching and it helped us to improve in many ways because we would be given a feedback on our strength and weakness of our teaching. Therefore, we understand that technology can be used for tutorial learning, exploratory learning, or as application and communication tools. For instance; in my group, we prepared a lesson in which the pupils would know the consequences of global warming to our mother earth. Hence, we are in directly instilling a good moral values so that pupils would care and love for their earth. Since, we are focusing on our Earth, I came across a nice video and I hope you enjoy watching it because it shows the beauty of our earth and the nature. So, do LOVE and care for our Mother EARTH. Enjoy the clip..=)

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