Friday, September 11, 2009

evaluation of website

Evaluation of the technological software is something that i have learned when i entered thi course. Thanks to sir Fauzi as he helped my class in manyw waysI knew that we could actully evaluate websites, CD-rom and other softwares which actually gives a lot of benefit to us as the users. But yet we were able to evaluate those websites in many ways such as the advantages and the disadvantages. My friends and I found many websites online which gave us many ideas on how we could actually evaluate those programmes. The first time we presented in the classroom, my friend and i did follow the criteria of evaluating the websites, but we spoke about the advantages and disavantages of the CD-Rom. then, sir actually told us that our concept was not right and we have to redo the whole evaluation presentation. The following week, my friend and i presented the evaluation software on the a website which is This is an interesting software as it could grasp pupils attention because they would be learning through games. The pupils would gain knowledge by playing those games provided. But, those games are world wide web, thus it does not fully content the national syllabus of our country. Hence, we felt that we should talk about the website and we manage to point out the advantage and disadvantage of using this website to teach the pupils in a classroom.overall, i have learned alot this weekend. See you again in the next blog.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Simulated Teaching -Year 4

Last week Tuesday, which was on the 28th of July 2009, my group actually presented our simulated teaching on the topic of "Earth in the universe system". We were given the honor to present for an hour because most of our friends did not have the CD-Rom which should be incorporated during the teaching. Therefore, i would say million thanks to our lecturer because he actually gave us the time to carry out the whole lesson from set induction to the closure. Talking about the lesson, i started of with the set induction as we showed a video in which captured the location of the earth and other planets in the sequence. So therefore, after the video, i actually made the pupils to list out the names of the planets in sequence, for instance; starting from the sun, and all the other planets.

After that, i went through the CD-Rom provided for that specific topic and the pupils were told why the earth is suitable for living tings to survive. Once, i was done with my activity, Khadijah, my group member took over and she distributed the work sheet.She told my classmates to follow her instruction in order for them to complete the task properly. In the task they are to colour the planets and then cut and stick them on the correct sequence according to the list of planets. My friends had so much fun doin that activity because it allows them to be hands on and it could be assessed whether they have understood the lesson or not.

Once they were done, Khadijah called out a group and they presented thier work infront of the class. our friends actually had so much fun doing the hands on work, thus the pupils would definitely enjoy the activity. After that, Thanusia actually caried out the last activity on the topic of "what would happen when the earth gets closer or further from the sun". Hence, the manila card were distributed in order for the pupils to draw a mind map on the causes of it. She allocated 5mins for the pupils to come out with their own mind map. Then, she ask the pupils to come infront to write their suggested answers on the board. Although some of our pupils gave fantastic points, we could not accept it because those were not the expexted answers from Year Four pupils.

Then, Thanusia concluded the lesson by telling to love and care our mother earth, because we cant find for a replacement in other planets. Then, we ended the lesson. Overall, we had good experience and it was the first one because we never had a micro teaching for science before. Indeed, it was a great experience because we are going to be future Science teachers.

Monday, July 20, 2009

love our mother earth...

Hello to all again.I’m back for my second reflection of science. This time around, me and my group members, Thanusia and Khadijah worked together to complete a 1 hour lesson plan for the first assignment. It's basically a rough idea of how we are going to conduct our 2 lessons of micro teaching in our class with our friends as our pupils. As for me, we are used to with simulated teaching and it helped us to improve in many ways because we would be given a feedback on our strength and weakness of our teaching. Therefore, we understand that technology can be used for tutorial learning, exploratory learning, or as application and communication tools. For instance; in my group, we prepared a lesson in which the pupils would know the consequences of global warming to our mother earth. Hence, we are in directly instilling a good moral values so that pupils would care and love for their earth. Since, we are focusing on our Earth, I came across a nice video and I hope you enjoy watching it because it shows the beauty of our earth and the nature. So, do LOVE and care for our Mother EARTH. Enjoy the clip..=)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Im glad to be in this class as i feel that science seem to be much interesting as compared to previous years.Mr.Ahmad Fauzi is very open minded and i feel that the class is really enjoying themself throughout the whole lesson. =) this is my very 1st blog n perhaps i wish i wud continue writing so i could share my views and perspectives over certain issues in life.. so for the newcomers..Welcome=)