Friday, September 11, 2009

evaluation of website

Evaluation of the technological software is something that i have learned when i entered thi course. Thanks to sir Fauzi as he helped my class in manyw waysI knew that we could actully evaluate websites, CD-rom and other softwares which actually gives a lot of benefit to us as the users. But yet we were able to evaluate those websites in many ways such as the advantages and the disadvantages. My friends and I found many websites online which gave us many ideas on how we could actually evaluate those programmes. The first time we presented in the classroom, my friend and i did follow the criteria of evaluating the websites, but we spoke about the advantages and disavantages of the CD-Rom. then, sir actually told us that our concept was not right and we have to redo the whole evaluation presentation. The following week, my friend and i presented the evaluation software on the a website which is This is an interesting software as it could grasp pupils attention because they would be learning through games. The pupils would gain knowledge by playing those games provided. But, those games are world wide web, thus it does not fully content the national syllabus of our country. Hence, we felt that we should talk about the website and we manage to point out the advantage and disadvantage of using this website to teach the pupils in a classroom.overall, i have learned alot this weekend. See you again in the next blog.